Terms of Sale

All prices include VAT. Your order will normally be processed within 24 hours
working days after the order is registered. Order from Kathrine Lindman Norwegian Jewelry will be sent with Posten’s service package. Normal delivery time will be between 1-14 business days depending of where in the country you live and whether the item is in stock. If the item should not be in stock, the customer will receive a message about this. Items that are not picked up or denied received will be returned to me at the customer’s bill. This amount is set at NOK 300, – FedEx is used abroad with current rates. You has full exchange rights on all items.

The Seller may charge the Purchaser for the good from the time it is sent from the Seller to the Purchaser. If the Purchaser uses a credit or debit card to make the payment, the Seller may hold the funds on the card when the order is placed. The card will be charged on the same day the good is sent. If the Seller offers post-delivery invoicing, the invoice shall be issued when the good is dispatched. The due date shall be written on the invoice and must be a minimum of 14 days from when the Purchaser receives the delivery. Purchasers under the age of 18 may not pay via post-delivery invoicing.

You as the customer have the full right of exchange for all items purchased through the online store Kathrine Lindman Norwegian Jewelry. You will have to sent Kathrine Lindman Norwegian Jewelry a written notice of what you want to exchange for (also added at the return shipment) then Kathrine Lindman makes sure that you get the right item back. The customer covers the shipping costs associated with returns in these events. Kathrine Lindman Norwegian Jewelry will send the new item(s) free of charge. If there would be a possible difference in balance when exchanging for a cheaper item, or if you wish to get the money back, it will be  transferred to the account of the card used in the transaction.

How do I return the item? To exercise the right of withdrawal, an email must be sent to Kathrine Lindman Norwegian Jewelry before the deadline expires – 14 days, cf. the Right of Withdrawal Act. Furthermore, it is assumed that the item can be returned in the same condition and quantity. In case of damage or deterioration due negligence or lack of care on the part of the consumer, the right of withdrawal will not be possible applicable.

Kathrine Lindman Norwegian Jewelry
Storgata 5
6509 Kristiansund

The item is delivered complete and in the original packaging and you are responsible for the return shipment and it is recommended to use a transmission form that allows for packet tracking, as well as compensation if the item should be damaged or lost during shipment. The return costs are carried by the consumer. (cf. The Right of Withdrawal Act section 15 first paragraph.)

Complaints are made in the event of defects or defects in the item. We will refund the return cost of complaints. Every item is checked for damages and/or defects before they are packed and sent to you as a customer. If the damage occurs during shipping and there is visible damage to the packaging, sign only with reservations. Please contact Kathrine Lindman so she can sort out the situation.

Kathrine Lindman Norwegian Jewelry reserves the right to cancel a purchase in the event of a fault on the page such as price, product info etc.

Claims must be directed to the Seller within a reasonable time frame in accordance with Sections 9 and 10. The parties shall attempt to resolve any disputes out of court. If this is not successful, the Purchaser may contact the Consumer Council of Norway for mediation. The Consumer Council may be reached on (+47) 23 400 500 or at www.forbrukerradet.no

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