Seashell Collection

The beautiful nature and the small elements in different shapes and expressions gives me a lot of inspiration in my work. It often comes from the fascinating plant life in the sea.
Enamel and silver are my favoured materials. The art of enamelling has a long tradition in Norway and I am glad to join a part of this history. I hope you find a piece of jewellery that will follow you for a long time.


  • Bracelet

    Seashell Bracelet · White

    kr 20,000.00 Add to cart



  • Seashell earstick white. KL007. 600,-
  • Seashell earstick gray. KL007. 600,-
  • Seashell earstick brown. KL007. 600,-
  • Seashell earrings pink. KL006. 1000,-
  • Seashell earrings dark gray, silver. KL006. 1000,-
  • Seashell earrings white KL006A. 1200,-
  • Seashell earrings pink, gold plated. KL006A. 1200,-
  • Seashell earrings dark gray, gold plated. KL006A. 1200,-
  • Seashell earrings brown. KL006. 1000,-



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