Kathrine Lindman

I am a Norwegian jewellery artist and designer. After graduating from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, I founded the brand Kathrine Lindman Norwegian Jewellery in 1996. Growing up in the small island town of Kristiansund, surrounded by ocean, the natural scenic influences became obvious from an early age. Even to this day, I find the most pleasure from the shapes and color palettes created by the sea and the sky. No wonder my signature collection bears the name Seashell.

An international jewelry brand 
Katrine Lindman Jewelry has been on display at New York Fashion Week, Saatchi Gallery (London), SOFA (Chicago) and the LA Art Show (Los Angeles). You can also watch and buy jewelry from one of the Norwegian galleries listed below, or through my webshop.

Wearable art
My jewelry – most of which are carefully crafted in silver and enamel – has been worn and loved by strong, smart, and beautiful women around the world – among others Michelle Obama. Each tactile piece is created by me. I create for those who are drawn to divine beauty, raw strength, confidence, love, and originality – and want everything in one piece of highly wearable art.

Noteworthy representation

Kathrine Lindman jewelry has been represented by New York Fashion week in 2012, and in New York Jewelry Week in 2019.

One of the jewelry pieces by Kathrine Lindman was in 2009 purchased by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture, and given as a gift to Michelle Obama on the occasion of President Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.


Charon Kransen Art 2020

Charon Kransen Art, New York City Jewelry Week. Nov 2019.
Charon Kransen Art, SOFA Chicago. Oct/Nov. 2019.
Sommerutstilling galleri Borøy. Åpning 30.6.19
Sommerutstilling Søgne gamle prestegård. Åpning 30.6.19
Charon Kransen Art 2019

Prosjektrommet Galleri Format, Oslo. åpning 22.11 – 22.12. 2018
Årsutstillingen. Norske Kunsthåndverkere. Fredrikstad. 29.9- 28.10.18
Fra Hav til smykker og klær. Catwalk og Popup utstilling i Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum, Trondheim. 8.9-7.10. 2018.
Charon Kransen Art 2018

Juleutstilling Kunstforeningen Kristiansund, nov/des 2017
Sommerutstilling i galleri Posthuset Gjestegård, Veiholmen Smøla, 24.6-15.8. 2017
Ålesund Kunsthall. Samtale ti. 1.4. – 21.5. 2017
Charon Kransen Art. 2017

4 norske i USA. Palo Alto. California. Juli – August 2016

Shine a light. Gullsmed Unhjem, Kristiansund. Mai 2016

Kurator og deltager: Oslo Treasure. The Thief, Tjuvholmen. Jewellery
Fashion show. Februar 2016

Charon Kransen Art 2016

Charon Kransen Art. SOFA Chicago. November. 2015

Galleri Zink, Ilsetra Hafjell, Lillehammer. 27 sept – 4 okt 2015

Charon Kransen Art. Seattle Art Fair. Juli-August. 2015

Skåtøy Kafe- og galleri. Kurator for utstilling: Jewel. May refer to Jewellry. Kragerø. Mai – August 2015

Charon Kransen Art. DN20/21 Boston. Mars. 2015

Charon Kransen Art. Art Palm Beach. Florida. Jan 2015
Pop Up Shop, Steen&Strøm Magasin, Oslo. November 2014 – Juni 2015

Charon Kransen Art. SOFA Chicago. November 2014

Charon Kransen Art. Austin Texas. August 2014

Galleri Bak Fasaden, Skåtøy, Juli 2014
Charon Kransen Art. New York. Mai 2014

Charon Kransen Art. DN 20/21 Boston. Mars 2014
ArtMeet Milano Gallery. Milano, Italia. Mars 2014
Charon Kransen Art. Art Palm Beach, Florida. Jan 2014

ArtMeet Milano Gallery. Milano Italia. Desember 2013
Charon Kransen Art. SOFA, Chicago, november 2013
Kunstnerforbundet. Oslo. Punkt utstilling. Oktober 2013
Charon Kransen Art. New York. Mai 2013
Collect. Galleri Format. London. Mai 2013

Charon Kransen Art. DN 20/21. Boston. Mars 2013
Galleri Format. Frame. München. Mars 2013

Charon Kransen Art. Art Palm Beach, Florida. Jan 2013

Galleri Format, Juleutstilling, Oslo. Desember 2012
Kunstnerforbundet, Juleutstillingen, Oslo. Desember 2012
Red Dot Miami, Charon Kransen Art. Desember 4, 2012
SOFA Chicago, Charon Kransen Art, November 2012
Galleri Åkern, Kongsberg. Oktober 6 – 21 2012

New York Fashion Week, Nina Skarra, 8 september, 2012
Galleri Format, Collect. London. 11-14 Mai. 2012

SOFA New York, Charon Kransen Art, April 20-23 2012

SOFA Chicago. November 4-6 2011

Vakre bord – design i tiden. Oslo Bymuseum, Frogner Hovedgård. Sept 3-18 2011
SOFA Santa FE, August 4-7 2011

SOFA, New York, Charon Kransen Art, April 14-17 2011

Kirsti Kluge galleri. Stavanger. April 2011

Art Palm Beach. Florida. Jan 20-24 2011

Aquamarin Schmuckgalerie. Berlin. November – Desember 2010
SOFA Chicago, Charon Kransen Art. November 2010

SOFA, Santa Fe, Charon Kransen Art. Juli 2010

SOFA, New York. Charon Kransen Art. April 2010

JIL, Jewellery International London, The Gallery, september 2009
”Potensial”, landsdelutstilling Tromsø, Arkangelsk, Murmansk 2009 – 2010 Galleri Arnulf Øverland, Kristiansund august 2009

Talente, Frankfurt, Tyskland Juli 2009

Expo Arte smykkedesign, 20 års jubileum, Oslo, april 2009

“Myten om ringen”- en vandreutstilling, Reykjavik – Island, 2005
Studio Fusion Gallery, “Northern Lights”, London, 2005
Giftering-utstilling, Expo Arte, Oslo 2004
NK’s 25-års jubileumsutstilling,”H20”, Galleri F15, Jeløya 2001
Mandal kunstforening, desember 2001

Giftering-utstilling, Expo Arte smykkedesign, Oslo 2001

SE Kunsthåndverk i år 2000, Bergen
12 unge fra Hedmark, Skogbruksmuseet i Elverum 1995

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